I’ll show you how much money I made from【MyCryptoHeroes】 in September.


I’m HamstaCurrency(Japanese Player), and I’m finding value in MyCryptoHeroes(MCH) as an investment, and I’m gradually getting some numbers.

In this article, I’d like to share with you the profits I’ve made in the last five months since I started using cryptoHeroes (as of the end of August 2021).

For last month’s results, please refer to this article.

As it turns out, although I made a bold purchase of GUM with ETH, it was the highest profit in a row since I started simply by trading assets.

First of all, I’d like to start with the Cp(Cryptonium ➤ CI ➤ MCHC) I earned, although I won’t convert it into yen since it’s difficult to put into words as last month.

The results are as follows.

Total Cp obtained

Voting reward 50,640Cp
Flag battle results ➤ knight achievement points165(Ranked 14th in the Fao`s Empire)➤4829Cp
Colosseum ➤Total Ranking 38th place RARE GOZO109 ➤Obtained 16,664Cp(No Extention)
(Previously, total 12 GOZO121 ➤Gained 18,486Cp)
・🆕Hero Mining11,352Cp(first round)+6,852Cp(2nd round)

Total 90,337Cp

【Cp】 will be consumed in the Cryptid Wars by putting it into the your Land, and depending on how much is consumed, CI (actually MCHC) will be distributed as Cryptid Wars rewards after the next season.

If we assume that the tentative price per 1Cp we calculated last time is equivalent to 1.6 yen, the value would be about $1322.

(※This price is a tentative calculation and is only a rough guide as it varies greatly depending on various factors and individual situations each time.)

However, this is based on the consumption of the country in the Cryptid War, so the actual amount will vary greatly depending on the amount consumed and the victory result of the country you belong to.

If you would like to give us a realistic figure for you, here is the formula.

Divide the number of 【CI】received in the previous period by the MCHC consumed.

This will give you the number of CI received per Cp, and if you multiply that by the legal tender price of MCHC at that time, you will get the amount per Cp.

(Sorry if the calculation method is wrong (;^_^A))

Trading profit (including GUM profit)

Next, I will tell you the total GUM earned including NIE Rewards and other Rewards, as well as the profit from buying and selling assets, converted into dollar.

Here is the quick conclusion.

・Trading profit$9990.89 Sold profit ( Epic Heroes×9 / Rare Extention×3 / Land Common×1 / Land Uncommon×1 / Land Rare×2)

Trading profit (GUM (GUM converted to USD) profit)➤GUM profit equivalent to market value of $1015.90 (Epic Extentions×11)

NIE Reward➤1.4 million CE for ocean, 13 million CE for fao`s Empire, a total of 178 GUM (market value: $111. Market value per GUM is $0.33)
(Rand Profit ➤ about 11,000 GUM, and my Individual NIE dedication amount is about 9th.)

Total: $11118.40 (including equivalent GUM profit)

In August, I switched to Roman Abacus laps for most of the month, and the total number of dedications reached a record high of 14.4 million CE!(There are about 21 teams.)

When I started in April, I was thinking

When I started back in April, I was thinking,

“What do these monsters with over 10 million CEs have to do to get this kind of dedication?????”

But now I can see that it was probably due to having a large number of teams and running a good amount of Roman Abacus depending on the success of the quest.

Roman Abacus can go around 60 even with three Novices, depending on the extensiveness and team.

Staking Reward

Next is the staking reward.

Staking Reward is to pair MCHC/ETH and deposit them in the UniSwap V2 pool, and you will get it every month until September 2021.(After that, distribution will be irregular.)

I had deposited about 3700MCHC plus the same amount of ETH in pairs since the end of April, but I sold all of them when MCHC exceeded $1.83, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the money from July, but I was able to get it in time^^.

Here is the amount.

Staking Reward419CI (≒ mchc) (market value at the time of receipt: $547.03)

At the time of distribution, 1 MCHC was $1.31.

In the short term, I have a feeling that MCHC is likely to wander around $0.91 to $1.05 during the heat of the moment due to the temporary suspension of voting, so I think a plan to pick it up again at a leisurely pace when the price drops sharply somewhere would be good.

Cryptid Wars Rewards

I think This is main Rewards in MyCryptoHeroes.

In the Cryptid Wars, you can receive CI (≒ MCHC) depending on the amount of Cp you put into your LAND and the amount spent during the Cryptid Wars and the results.

I took a gamble this time and bought 4 ETH worth of GUM (and obtained 800,000 Cp), so I have more Cp.

Please note that there is a lot of risk involved.

The following is the amount of money I received from 937,520 Cp at the start of the Cryptid Wars ➤ 856,079 Cp remaining at the end (= 81,441 Cp consumed).

1689.244 CI (market value $1529.00 / 1mchc $0.86)

The rank of the Fao’s Empire, to which I belonged at the time, in the Cryptid War was about the same as 3rd place.

The MCHC you earn can be used for voting rewards and staking until the time comes for it to soar, so you want to earn as much Cp as possible to help you earn MCHC.

Personally, I’m going to try to do as much as I can in the Colosseum, where I have a little more time and technical flexibility.

With the start of Hero Mining, the number of ways to earn Cp has also increased, and I feel that this is becoming more interesting!

Lord Rewards

If you have a land sector, you will receive a small portion of the revenue when someone in your LAND purchases GUM with ETH or CreditCard.

The number of sectors I had was about 40 volumes. ※About One sector per common.

For your information, the total investment in Land Assets is about $8233.50.  (I was able to recover the principal by selling some of them).

Since I bought and sold a little bit, the number of volumes I held fluctuated a little bit, but my ETH earnings for August were as follows.


At the time of writing, this is equivalent to $342.80.

The price of MCHC has settled down for a while, but it may rise again, or the orb (factory) concept that the executive director mentioned may become a reality.

The price of MCHC has settled down, but I expect the value of rand to increase further when it rises again and the orb (factory) concept that the managing director Mr. Senmu(Wakao|MCH) mentioned becomes a reality.

Total revenue for the month of August

So, the total profit that I was able to earn in August 2021 from the MyCryptoHeroes is

$13,537.23 (including equivalent GUM and MCHC profits)
(Last month: $4930.15 (including equivalent profits)

If we assume that the Cp is $0.015 per Cp (at the time of receipt), I have earned the equivalent of $1322.29.

Total $14859.52 (including equivalent profit)

I didn’t include the gain from the price increase of MCHC in this article, so I didn’t consider/list the MCHC received in this article and the gain from the sale of MCHC that increased in value from there.

If that is also considered as MCHC earnings, then it means even more +…!

If you’re just starting out, please use the code “ek1f” as an invite code when you create your account with Wallet to get some useful replica heroes when you first start.

I’ll be writing more about the numbers and discoveries in the game, so please bookmark me, add me to your reading list, and follow me on Twitter.

This article has been translated by DeepL.